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hiramoto tomoki
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"DELTA_AB" is .stl data for 3D printing.

The joint parts to combine the timber.

It can be applied chair, to shelf from the table by adjusting the size of the timber.

This data is a set of two diagonal parts and two vertical parts.

You can be assembled without the use of tools such as by preparing the wood.

Will be delivered in (four) one set of this product.

Please output one data If you are using 3D printing for home use.

Size of 1 data, about W:21cm x D:21cm x H:21cm

Size of 4 data, about W:25cm x D:26cm x H:21cm

※ wood is not attached.

3Dプリントの .stl データです。



本商品は斜めパーツx2、垂直パーツx2 の4つのセットです。




1データのサイズ 約 W:21cm x D:21cm x H:21cm

4データのサイズ 約 W:25cm x D:26cm x H:21cm


I want this!
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